Friday, July 24, 2009

Ninja Assassin Movie Trailer

Ninja Assassin Movie TrailerYou may watch below the action-packed movie trailer of Ninja Assassin, the upcoming movie directed by James McTeigue (who once brought us V For Vendetta) and starring Pop-singer turned actor Rain:

Hell God knows this Ninja Assassin trailer looks insanely awesome! Wow! It reminds of the best movies from Hong Kong of a few decades ago, but the whole thing boosted with the latest trick from Hollywood! The result is an explosive Ninja Assassin movie that for sure will mark the genre of its print.

I'm especially impatient to see the scene in the training room when Rain is attacked by his fellow ninjas (we have just a glimpse of it in the trailer of Ninja Assassin). Hope a preview clip of this scene of the movie Ninja Assassin will be released soon!